X-Pack APIs

X-Pack is an Elastic Stack extension that bundles security, alerting, monitoring, reporting, and graph capabilities into one easy-to-install package. While the X-Pack components are designed to work together seamlessly, you can easily enable or disable the features you want to use.


X-Pack info provides general info about the installed X-Pack.

class elasticsearch.client.xpack.XPackClient(client)


Parameters:categories – Comma-separated list of info categories. Can be any of: build, license, features


Parameters:master_timeout – Specify timeout for watch write operation

Graph Explore

X-Pack Graph Explore enables you to extract and summarize information about the documents and terms in your Elasticsearch index.

Licensing API

Licensing API can be used to manage your licences.

Machine Learning APIs

Machine Learning can be useful for discovering new patterns about your data. For a more detailed explanation about X-Pack’s machine learning please refer to the official documentation.

Security APIs

Security API can be used to help secure your Elasticsearch cluster. Integrating with LDAP and Active Directory.

Watcher APIs

Watcher API can be used to notify you when certain pre-defined thresholds have happened.

Migration APIs

Migration API helps simplify upgrading X-Pack indices from one version to another.