class elasticsearch.ImproperlyConfigured

Exception raised when the config passed to the client is inconsistent or invalid.

class elasticsearch.ElasticsearchException

Base class for all exceptions raised by this package’s operations (doesn’t apply to ImproperlyConfigured).

class elasticsearch.SerializationError(ElasticsearchException)

Data passed in failed to serialize properly in the Serializer being used.

class elasticsearch.TransportError(ElasticsearchException)

Exception raised when ES returns a non-OK (>=400) HTTP status code. Or when an actual connection error happens; in that case the status_code will be set to 'N/A'.


A string error message.


Dict of returned error info from ES, where available, underlying exception when not.


The HTTP status code of the response that precipitated the error or 'N/A' if not applicable.

class elasticsearch.ConnectionError(TransportError)

Error raised when there was an exception while talking to ES. Original exception from the underlying Connection implementation is available as .info.

class elasticsearch.ConnectionTimeout(ConnectionError)

A network timeout. Doesn’t cause a node retry by default.

class elasticsearch.SSLError(ConnectionError)

Error raised when encountering SSL errors.

class elasticsearch.NotFoundError(TransportError)

Exception representing a 404 status code.

class elasticsearch.ConflictError(TransportError)

Exception representing a 409 status code.

class elasticsearch.RequestError(TransportError)

Exception representing a 400 status code.

class elasticsearch.AuthenticationException(TransportError)

Exception representing a 401 status code.

class elasticsearch.AuthorizationException(TransportError)

Exception representing a 403 status code.

class elasticsearch.UnsupportedProductError

Error which is raised when the client detects it’s not connected to a supported product.